“Common heritage and policy”: debate promoted by European Federalist Movement and ALDA

May 04, 2012

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A public debate on “Common heritage and Policy”, organised by the Veneto regional branch of the European Federalist Movement, in collaboration with ALDA, will take place Sunday, May 6 in Vicenza.
Water, air, energy, environment, landscape, health, education, must be considered “commons heritage”, not available for use of a part.
The management of this “common heritage” should be “personal and common,” alternative to private and public (individual Country or local authority) management.
After the introduction of Lucio Perosin, coordinator of the event, will intervene Giorgio Rivolta, professor of philosophy, Paolo Cacciari, journalist and political activist, and Matteo Roncarà, Secretary MFE Veneto.
The debate will take place at Pensionato Studenti – Residenza Universitaria “Madonna di Monte Berico”
Contrà San Marco 3 Vicenza.