The VALUEBOX project delivers the Competence Framework for Teachers (COFT)

Jul 10, 2024

Digital & innovation Youth empowerment & Education Linked project:

In today’s digital age, gamification has emerged as a powerful tool to foster specific behaviours, boost motivation, and enhance engagement in learning and skill acquisition. VALUEBOX is an Erasmus+ funded project, spearheaded by ALDA+, in partnership with Institut international des droits de l’Homme et de la paix (France) The Square Dot team (Belgium), Universidad Internacional de Valencia (Spain), Çiğli Fen Lisesi (Turkey) Innomate Ldt. (Turkey) and Istituto Omnicomprensivo Guglionesi (Italy). It aims to empower educational staff in creating an inclusive and high-quality education system that incorporates a European dimension in secondary school teaching.

Recently, the consortium completed the first output of the project, namely the Competence Framework for Teachers. This document seeks to establish a new competence framework for teachers and school leaders centred on fundamental rights and the common values of the EU, promoting inclusivity within European schools. 

The objective is to define and describe Values Education as a competence for secondary school students, developing a reference curriculum that details its components in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Targeting secondary school teachers, the document addresses the needs of students who will benefit from innovative teaching practices. The Competence Framework for Teachers aims to create a common competence framework for Values Education, and will be disseminated to other schools and educational institutions through a network established during the project period.

The next step of the VALUEBOX project is the development of a Gamified Self-Assessment and Recommendation Tool. This tool will help secondary school teachers assess their current knowledge of fundamental rights from the EU Charter and learn innovative gamified teaching methods. Directly related to the self-assessment, the project partners will then also develop a gamified online learning platform that will offer new teaching strategies for Values Education for teachers who want to strengthen their knowledge and teaching abilities. 

Stay tuned for further updates as VALUEBOX continues to foster the educational landscape with innovative, gamified learning tools and comprehensive frameworks for teacher development.