Conclusions of the Regional Forum on “Remembrance and Intercultural Dialogue”

Feb 06, 2021

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

The European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA Skopje) closed the 2020 with an important event: the Regional Forum on “Remembrance and Intercultural Dialogue” which took place on ZOOM, on 21st and 22nd December, 2020.

The event was successfully completed thanks to its features: efficient speakers, rich contents, and international dimension. Its Live transmission on Facebook contributed to the enlargement of the audience. During such moment of knowledge sharing, different topics were covered by the moderators and speakers with a focus on the Balkan region regarding its past, present, and future. Other important themes were also the EU integration, local development, human rights, peace, reconciliation, immigration, multicultural dialogue, cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, disinformation, etc.

EU integration, local development, human rights, peace, reconciliation, immigration,  cultural heritage were just some of the topics addressed during the Forum

A focus was dedicated to the global pandemic and its impacts. ALDA has always been an actor for local, national, and international development. Despite the global pandemic, it has addressed efforts to the reconciliation of Balkans and their developments. The combination of history and future made the event even more interesting under different points of view; citizen participation, democracy and human rights could be the most powerful weapons for a Future.

The speakers have emphasized the importance of dialogue as a tool to overcome to any differences. If it is used the regional cooperation will be strengthening and cultural acceptance will be shaped and promoted. The EU integration is only the final step of a fully regional integration, and many initiatives are needed to be advanced in order to give an example to all countries and regions dominated by cultural division and disintegration. The Balkans are also very concerned about question of migrations. The fact that some countries of the region are chosen by the “people on the move” as a transit point has raised many doubts about the credibility of the authorities and institutions. It has consequently made the dialogue more difficult, but the situation is now eased by storytelling initiatives.

Come upon all our conclusion in English and French below.

The event is financially supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Program Normandy for Peace of the Region Normandy, the Western Balkans Fund and the EU Commission.