Countering hate crime in the EU: read the STAND-UP Handbook!

Apr 26, 2023

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

Since January 2022, ALDA has been implementing the STAND-UP project – STANDing UP against hate in the EU. The project aims to counter hate in the European Union by creating a comprehensive framework for opposing hate crimes that cover all parts of the countering hate crime, reporting, investigation, prosecution and prevention (RIPP) process, embedded in a victim support framework. After the thematic focus groups were held in the countries part of the project implementation namely Italy, Greece and Spain, data were collected and analysed for drafting the content of the STAND-UP Handbook. 

The project impact lies in the cooperation between state authorities; e.g. Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Ordinary Court of Trento and the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Ordinary Court of Venice and organisations. These actors were able to share their expertise and experiences, certainly different, regarding the topic, obtaining a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the problems concerning hate crimes in the three countries mentioned above. 

The STAND-UP Handbook is a useful tool to support the victims of hate crime and hate speech

Thus, the STAND-UP Handbook is intended to be a practical tool for Civil Society Organisations and Law Enforcement Authorities that receive and report hate crimes. It explains how these two institutions can work together to safeguard the targeted group from re-victimisation. The manual contains some practical tools as examples of good practices put in place by several other countries and a checklist of potential questions that can be asked during interviews.  The workbook also comprehends special guidelines on how to address the victim, especially if the victim is part of a minority group. 

The Handbook is a useful tool for hate crime and hate speech victims. It offers practical advice to victims on how to report the crime and whom and where to consult or contact.

For instance, there are names, addresses and contacts of institutions and organisations fighting hate crimes within the three countries involved in the project. 

This Handbook represents an important achievement for the project consortium and a useful instrument for countering hate in the European Union. 

Read the STAND-UP Handbook by clicking here