Decentralised cooperation Lower Normandy / North Macedonia – Steering Committee for French partners in Caen

Mar 19, 2012

Good governance

The Steering Committee for the French partners in the Decentralised cooperation project between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia will be held at the Regional Council of Lower Normandy, in Caen, on March 20, 2012.
Like every year, this steering committee will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the difficulties and obstacles encountered during the first half of the current year of activities.
The participants will also exchange on upcoming events and reflect on planned objectives. The Steering Committee allows defining the progress of all axes and partnerships in the cooperation at mid-year.
Macedonian partners will analyse the fifth year of the Cooperation at the Steering Committee scheduled for April 3, in Veles.
The Programme for decentralised cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and Republic of North Macedonia is coordinated by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA). For more information on planned activities please consult the latest edition of the e-newsletter in French, and Macedonian.