Democracy needs you: join the citizens’ jury of the “European Capital of Democracy”

Aug 22, 2022

Citizens engagement

On 19-20 August 2022, Vienna, the capital of Austria, welcomed for the second time the Experts’ Jury of the  “European Capital of Democracy” (ECoD). The latter is an initiative willing to build a network of  cities working for the increment of citizens’ participation. Recently inaugurated, the ECoD champions, every year, a city in Europe representative of democracy, and democratic local innovation.

From a general standpoint, democracy sets the basis to grow, for example, a more equal and just society, to foster freedoms, while safeguarding the planet not only in Europe but all over the world. Therefore, it should never be taken for granted; on the contrary, it should constantly be nourished.

Specifically for this very first edition, already 22 cities from 11 different countries joined, and the Experts’ Jury will now have the hard task to start scrutinizing the candidates. 

Yet, citizens can also have their say! If you are passionate about Europe, democracy, and you want to take part in the initiative, do not miss the opportunity to be among the citizens’ jury.

Time to stand up and join the citizens’ jury

If “peace”, “equity” or “fair pay and prices” are causes you embrace, apply to be a member of the citizens’ jury, and be the protagonist together with other people. Selected among the 3-5 shortlisted candidate cities, previously chosen by the Expert’s one, the citizens will pick the first European Capital of Democracy, which will be announced in September 2023!

ALDA, together with its Secretary General and Chairwoman of the ECoD Experts’ Jury – Ms. Valmorbida – is very much glad to further support democracy through this initiative.