“Development of advocacy skills”: training for NGOs within the “Civil society in action for dialogue and partnership” project

Oct 23, 2012

Good governance Linked project:
IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 representatives of civil society organisations coming from municipalities/cities participating in the Project Civil Society in Action for Dialogue and Partnership” took part in a training on “Development of Advocacy Skills“.
The training was organised by the Citizen Association “Centre for Local Development Breza” (U.G. Centar za lokalni razvoj Breza), partner of the project, and was held in Visoko, BiH (10 – 12 October 2012).

The training was part of project activities related to capacity building of civil society organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Aside from the capacity building activities, a meeting of the Project Steering Board, comprised of representatives of Project organisations-partners, took place, where the discussion was focused on the past, first year of the Project, results and achievements in the 6 municipalities in which the Project is being implemented. The plan for the second year of the Project was also revised, responsibilities and tasks of organisations were defined, and next steps for the upcoming quarter planned in detail.
Otherwise, leading partner of the “Civil Society in Action for Dialogue and Partnership” regional Project, is ALDA, while other partners are members of ALDA network from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia – Local Democracy Agencies Mostar, Zavidovići, Osijek and Subotica, as well as Citizen Forum Tuzla, Centre for Local Development Breza, DON Prijedor and Nove nade Bihać, local non-governmental organisations that effectively contribute to the local democratic development and implementation of municipal agreements on co-operation. The Project is supported by the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a part of IPA Programme supporting networks of civil society organisations.

Civil society in action for dialogue and partnership is an action designed to facilitate the strengthening of the democratic role of civil society organisations in increasing participation of citizens in local politics/decision making process, through the promotion of the agreement on co-operation and measures for networking of civil society organisations from the mentioned areas.