Discovering the Alta Via della Grande Guerra project: a journey through history, nature and territorial valorisation

Oct 18, 2023

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The Alta Via della Grande Guerra in the Vicentine Prealps is a trail spanning approximately 200 kilometers, immersing visitors in the landscape that, a century ago, served as the stage for significant events that left their mark not only on these territories but on modernity as a whole.

This itinerary connects the four symbolic military shrines of the Province of Vicenza (Italy) and is created by harmonizing various paths established by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) that traverse the key sites of World War I memory. These shrines are monuments housing the remains of the fallen and are intended to be National Memory sites within the broader European context of preserving the landscapes of the First World War.

Spanning the Pasubio, Novegno, Cimone, the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities, and the Grappa massif, the project aims to promote the Vicentine mountains, with the goal of introducing people to the historical sites and how they can be rediscovered and explored today.

The Alta Via della Grande Guerra is a journey that rejuvenates the historical and natural aspects of the Vicentine Prealps. It encompasses pristine locations offering magnificent mountain views, providing a tourist experience for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the mountains.

This hiking route can be traversed over multiple days or in individual stages, offering an opportunity to reacquaint oneself with the tranquility of the woods, the essence of the mountains, and the history they hold.

The Alta Via della Grande Guerra is a historical and naturalistic rejuvenation path through the Vicentine Prealps

The route is marked by the intersection of various CAI trails that link the main war memorial sites in the Vicentine region: Pasubio, Cimone, Asiago, and Grappa.

The logo features a stylized and deconstructed mountain, symbolizing the four Vicentine mountain areas, which were the theaters of major battles. At the base, you’ll find the dark green representing the predominantly coniferous vegetation of Monte Cimone, followed by light green representing the meadows of the Asiago Plateau. The ochre yellow color symbolizes the rocky soil of Monte Grappa, and the sandy gray alludes to the rocky surfaces of Monte Pasubio.

Since 2001, this open-air museum has undergone numerous restoration and enhancement efforts. The initiative commenced with the Province of Vicenza (Italy) and later entered into an agreement with the “Bim-Bacchiglione” organisation, which tasked the ALDA association with promoting the Alta Via della Grande Guerra.

From June to September 2023, ALDA+ has organised guided tours led by expert historical and naturalist guides, offering participants a deeper understanding of the events that transpired along this front during World War I, while also allowing them to appreciate the natural, scenic, and culinary delights this route encompasses.

The next significant engagement is scheduled for November 3rd to 5th, where ALDA + will participate in the International Tourism Fair in Lugano (Swiss), an important event in the global tourism industry. Here, they will present the Alta Via della Grande Guerra as a Destination Management Organisation (DMO).

Simultaneously, specific meetings are being arranged within the local community to raise awareness and promote the tourist product that is the High Route of the Great War.

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