ELDW 2012: a co-ordination meeting in Paris

Jan 20, 2012

Good governance

A ELDW general meeting was held the 19th of January at the Council of Europe bureau in Paris. The aim was to assess the recent 2011 edition of the Week and to prepare the new 2012 edition.
Mr. Per Vinther, ALDA President, represented at the meeting also the Croatian City of Sisak which qualified this year for the “12 Stars City” label.
The National Associations of the local authorities, the European institutions and associations, as well as the other international partners of the ELDW was invited to attend the meeting. The mayors of the 19 municipalities which took part in the ELDW 2011 as “12 Star cities” was also be invited to share their views and experiences. About half of the 12 Star Cities were represented and used the opportunity to present what they had been doing in their European Local Democracy Week.
Afterwards, participants had a discussion about the topic of the new 2012 edition that will probably be the “Social Cohesion”. In the next weeks the ELDW secretariat will announce the title of the new edition.