EloGE Panel: Elevating Governance Excellence in North Macedonia”

Oct 23, 2023

Good governance

Within the framework of the International Conference on “A Wider European Community: The Importance of Local Governance” held in Skopje on October 19 and 20, 2023, a compelling panel discussion focused on the European Label for Governance Excellence (EloGE) took place on October 20.

ALDA unveiled plans for a second round of self-assessment with Macedonian Municipalities

This event provided a valuable opportunity to glean insights from the Municipality of Aerodrom and the Municipality of Berovo, both of which received the EloGE label the previous year after successfully completing the self-assessment process. The Mayor of Aerodrom, Mr. Timco Mucunski, and the Mayor of Berovo, Mr. Zvonko Pekeski, underscored the significance of self-evaluation for municipalities, as it enables them to recognize their achievements and pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

The panel discussion was further enriched by the contributions of Mr. Zoran Jankulovski, one of the evaluators of the EloGE program, who emphasised the importance of municipalities conducting their own evaluations of their work.

Mr. Niall Sheerin from the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance of the Council of Europe reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to supporting EloGE’s implementation. He also announced recent updates in the program, particularly highlighting the 12 Principles of Good Governance.

It’s noteworthy that in 2022, the first round of the EloGE program was successfully completed by nine Macedonian Municipalities.