ELOGE : supporting good local governance in North Macedonia and Kosovo*, more strategies for the future

Nov 28, 2022

Good governance

The importance of implementing the project “European Label for Governance Excellence (ELoGE)” both in North Macedonia and in Kosovo* has been further testified by the meeting among the Minister of Local Self Government of North Macedonia, Mr. Risto Pernov; the Minister of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, Mr. Elbert Krasniqi and ALDA President Oriano Otočan; ALDA Governing Board Member Emir Coric together with ALDA Secretary General Antonella Valmorbida.

Hence, on the second half of November 2022, the ALDA delegation gathered in Skopje – the capital city of North Macedonia – to capitalised on the successful commitment of the Association in implementing the ELoGE mechanism. From a general perspective, the latter is intended to support local self-government units to improve their standards and provide high-quality services within local self-government.

Meeting Minister Mr. Pernov and Minister Mr. Elbert Krasniqi to implement ELoGE and encouraging the participation of citizens to the community life

More in details, concerning North Macedonia, the local government units conducted self-assessment surveys among citizens, employees and councillors, while collecting documentation that allows to check whether the self-assessment is justified. Starting back in April 2021 with the preparation phase, the project then saw several phases, one of which was the workshop organised in March 2022 to illustrate and discuss on the ELoGE project. Similarly, on 19 May 2022 in Pristina, representatives from 11 Municipalities attended a dedicated training focusing on the implementation and further understanding of the mechanism. Furthermore, as also exchanged during the meeting with the Minister, Mr. Pernov, there is a fertile and common ground to further deepen the collaboration and partnership; while encouraging the participation of citizens to the community life; and strengthening the Self Government policy. Both the ALDA office in Skopje as well as the Board are very much grateful for this meeting, and reiterate the will to implement ELoGE project in North Macedonia and Kosovo*, while enabling communities. Read the news in Armenian Read the news in Georgian Read the news in Romanian Read the news in Ukrainian


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