Fostering transformation: the WE ACT project introduces its countrywide training program in Türkiye in preparation for the 2024 Municipal Elections

Nov 15, 2023

Citizens engagement Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

In a groundbreaking move towards gender equality and inclusive governance, the WE ACT project has kicked off its comprehensive Training programme for Women Politicians and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Türkiye. This initiative, funded by the European Union and spearheaded by ALDA and its local partner Daktilo1984, is dedicated to enhancing political and civic rights for women and the LGBTIQ+ community, particularly at the local level. More specifically, the project aims at increasing the political participation of women in the upcoming 2024 local elections across the seven regions of Türkiye while fostering a democratic debate on gender issues at the local policy level, striving for progress in every corner of the country.

On November 11, the project marked a significant milestone with the commencement of the Training programme. Simultaneous sessions unfolded in Istanbul, focusing on Political and Media training for Women Politicians, and in Ankara, launching the Capacity Building and Coaching program on Participatory Democracy for Women candidates and CSOs representatives.

The impact of the WE ACT Training programme is set to resonate across Türkiye, with both Political and Media training and the Capacity Building and Coaching program on Participatory Democracy running throughout November and December. 18 training sessions will unfold simultaneously in six key cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Van, Gaziantep, and Adana. Around 150 participants – both Women Politicians from all political backgrounds and CSOs representatives – from all over Türkiye will converge to learn, share experiences, and contribute to the project’s overarching objectives.

This dual-pronged approach aims to achieve significant milestones.

Firstly, by preparing women politicians for the upcoming 2024 municipal elections, the program seeks to reinforce their skills and readiness for political campaigns. Simultaneously, the training program will allow the empowerment of CSOs working on gender-related issues. Through participation to the Programme, CSOs will gain insights into the obstacles women face in local governance and enhance their practices in participatory democracy, allowing them to act more efficiently in local decision-making processes and advocate for the voices of women and LGBTIQ+ communities.

The WE ACT project marks a commitment to positive change and an inclusive political landscape. As the training program unfolds across Türkiye, it promises to create a ripple effect, encouraging a more equitable and participatory community environment. The journey towards empowerment has begun, transcending boundaries and ensuring that every voice has a meaningful role in shaping the future of communities

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