Empowering Civil Society: A Roadmap for Socio-Ecological Transition within the European Green Deal

Apr 16, 2024

Environment & climate Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

To ensure a comprehensive EU policy framework for a socio-ecological transition within the European Green Deal, the REAL DEAL project partners have developed a Social-Ecological Transition Policy Tool within the Civil Society Forum. 

The Real Deal is a community of people living in Europe who are taking action to build a new model of environmental citizenship for Europe; a model which places people living in Europe at the heart of the decision-making process, making a REAL DEAL for both people and the planet.

The European Green Deal puts living species at its core, addresses the needs of disadvantaged groups, reduces inequalities and ensures a sustainable environment

Through the development of a Policy Tool, civil society organisations deliver input for future EU-level policymakers and different stakeholders to align with the aspirations of citizens, civil society, and stakeholders in the pursuit of a robust social-ecological European Green Deal. By providing examples of emerging issues, this tool aims to inspire civil society organisations to develop narratives in line with their advocacy priorities and empower them to engage with policymakers involved in the upcoming EP elections.

On November 8 2023, more than 50 civil society organisations (CSOs) from across Europe came together for the sixth edition of the Civil Society Forum for Sustainability: Shaping the European Green Deal. The forum focused on the importance of a powerful vision for the socio-ecological transition. This vision is essential for the European Union to ensure a safe future, protect the planet, and promote the well-being of people in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections. To achieve these goals, the participants identified the following themes around which stronger collective messaging is needed from civil society: civic space and democracy, the green and social deal, and the mobilisation of citizens

The tool includes conclusions of the discussions with CSOs and other stakeholders about the context, problems, possible solutions and optimal vision of each dimension. Furthermore, the tool also  proposes a structure for a campaign briefing to guide CSOs in developing their own campaigns.

By integrating the recommendations and addressing the issues discussed in this tool, the Civil Society Forum believes the newly elected European Parliament will be able to successfully implement the European Green Deal and lead the socio-ecological changes needed.