Empowering Local Democracy: Insights from the ALDA Governing Board Meeting in Skopje

Oct 23, 2023

Good governance

On the 18th of October 2023, the ALDA Governing Board convened in Skopje for a pivotal and highly productive meeting. This gathering was marked by a series of discussions that offered updates and invaluable insights into ALDA’s current endeavours and future plans.

The meeting commenced with a warm and gracious speech by Mr. Goran Gerasimovski, the Mayor of the Municipality of Centar. The Municipality of Centar has been a dedicated member of ALDA since 2016 and plays a pivotal role within the Governing Board.

Following this warm welcome, the meeting addressed formalities, including the approval of the meeting agenda and the minutes of the prior Governing Board session held in Brussels.

A substantial portion of the meeting was devoted to a comprehensive discussion of ALDA’s activities throughout the year

The Governing Board members engaged in productive dialogues, sharing valuable insights and innovative ideas to further ALDA’s mission.

A significant part of the meeting focused on preparations for the General Assembly in 2024, an event of paramount importance for ALDA. The latter part of the meeting featured various updates and discussions, including assessments of strategies and other pertinent matters. The meeting concluded with discussions regarding the next proposal and the upcoming Governing Board session.

The ALDA Governing Board Meeting in Skopje underscored the organisation’s unwavering commitment to promoting good governance and local democracy. Through these discussions, ALDA reaffirmed its dedication to its mission and the betterment of local communities.