Empowering Sustainable Development: ALDA and the Handicrafts Association of Bhutan Unite for Green Change

May 23, 2024

Environment & climate

On May 22 ALDA had the great honour to accompany the Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. 

This meeting underscored the mutual commitment of both organisations to fostering sustainable development and promoting democratic values through their collaborative efforts. The meeting commenced with a detailed presentation of the HAB’s activities, followed by an in-depth discussion on the collaborative framework with ALDA under the “Voice for Green Change Partnership.” This partnership is a testament to the shared values and objectives of ALDA and HAB, focusing on fostering local democracy, sustainable development, and environmental conservation. 

The Handicrafts Association of Bhutan represents numerous small businesses that face a myriad of challenges in their daily operations, hindering their growth and potential

HAB’s approach to addressing these challenges involves inspiring policy change from the grassroots level—a bottom-up democratic method that aligns seamlessly with ALDA’s mission and expertise. This collaborative effort aims to ensure that economic development does not compromise environmental sustainability, a core value shared by both HAB and ALDA. 

One of the key aspects of this partnership is the exchange of knowledge and practices related to energy efficiency and sustainability. The Bhutanese Handicrafts Association is keen to adopt energy-saving techniques and innovative approaches to sustainability, leveraging the insights gained from European projects facilitated by ALDA. This exchange is crucial for promoting green practices within Bhutan’s handicrafts sector and beyond. 

The “Voice for Green Change Partnership” aims to enhance intra-institutional dialogue and coordination, promoting good governance and development within Bhutan’s private sector. Bhutan’s significant milestone in 2023, becoming the 7th country to graduate from the list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), highlights the nation’s progress in welfare and economic development. 

This partnership seeks to build on this progress by fostering formal linkages between people, SMEs, CSOs, local authorities, and the central government, while ensuring the adoption of green practices and resilience-focused policies. The Bhutanese delegation’s journey in Europe, starting from the ALDA General Assembly and Festival 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, reflects their commitment to learning and collaboration

This trip to the Bhutanese Embassy provided an invaluable opportunity for the Bhutanese representatives to engage with European counterparts, share experiences, and explore new avenues for sustainable development and democratic governance. ALDA is proud to support the Handicrafts Association of Bhutan in its pursuit of a more interconnected and sustainable future. Through this partnership, both organisations aim to drive green development from the grassroots level, ensuring that democratic initiatives underpin their efforts. 

By working together, ALDA and HAB are poised to make significant strides towards a greener, more resilient world