Enhancing Livestock Farming in Moldova: A Comprehensive Overview of LDA Moldova’s Efforts

Jun 19, 2024

In 2023, the Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Moldova undertook a significant project aimed at modernising livestock farms and enhancing the milk collection process in the Cimișlia-Basarabeasca micro-region. Funded by UNDP Moldova, this initiative is a testament to LDA Moldova’s commitment to rural development and economic growth.

Project Overview

The “Modernisation of Livestock Farms” project, running from December 2023 to October 2024, targets a micro-region with 10 localities and 21,400 people. It focuses on the “Ovi-Caprin Cimislia-Basarabeasca” micro-cluster, aiming to automate milk collection and enhance feeding production. Through careful recipient selection via a closed call for proposals, it seeks to boost tourism services, economic growth, and revenue for its 24 members.

Achievements and Impact

One of the main achievements of the project is the significant development in livestock farming and milk processing in the Cimișlia-Basarabeasca micro-region. A budget of 145,000 USD (approximately 2,568,095 MDL) has been allocated to support these initiatives, with disbursements based on project milestones. The establishment of an implementation team and execution of non-monetary assistance agreements have facilitated the project’s objectives. These efforts are expected to generate economic growth within the micro-cluster, with performance indicators and risk analysis in place to guide and measure progress.

Success Stories

The project has already seen success stories that highlight its impact. For instance, Mr. Petru Casian, a young farmer from Abaclia village, returned to Moldova from Ireland in 2023 to start a livestock farming business. His venture, “Shepherd’s Farm,” focuses on developing productive sheep breeds and creating a milk production line. As a member of the Cimișlia-Basarabeasca Sheep and Goat Cluster, he benefits from the project’s support, which includes the construction of a modern farm equipped with automated milking technology and a photovoltaic system.

Mr. Petru Casian expressed his optimism about the collaboration within the cluster, stating:

“It is encouraging to see that farmers have joined together in a cluster to cooperate and develop. I have high expectations from this collaboration as it can bring significant benefits in terms of efficiency, resource sharing, and joint sustainable development”.

Petru Casian

LDA Moldova’s project on the modernisation of livestock farms exemplifies a successful model of rural development. Through strategic partnerships, significant funding, and a clear focus on automation and enhancement, the project is set to bring substantial economic and social benefits to the Cimișlia-Basarabeasca microregion. The stories of beneficiaries like Mr. Petru Casian further underscore the project’s positive impact, showcasing the potential for growth and development in Moldova’s agricultural sector and sustainability.