EU24 Engage for the Planet: the international climate debate on green mobility takes place in Strasbourg!

Oct 17, 2023

Environment & climate Linked project:
EU24- Engage for the Planet

On 28 September 2023, the international event “CLIMATE DEBATE: Empowering underrepresented people’s voices and boosting their commitment to green mobility” took place in Strasbourg (France), in the framework of the EU24 Engage for the Planet project.

Organised by ALDA, in collaboration with the EU24 project partners, the event gathered together around 80 people from more than 16 countries and provided significant discussion about the challenges and potential solutions for green mobility across Europe.

The conference aimed to empower and amplify underrepresented voices, making them join the discussion about green mobility and its impact on our planet. Young people and citizens of different backgrounds were encouraged to voice their opinions and ideas, playing a crucial role in shaping the debate.

Participants dived into a high-profile debate on the topic of green mobility, analysing challenges, potential solutions and recommendations, and proposed sustainable recommendations for a greener and more healthier future.

With the valuable contributions of various speakers – Youth and Environment Europe, the Climate Agency of Strasbourg, the Grand Est Region, and the EU24 project leader Comparative Research Network – the event stimulated insightful discussions on climate change issues and provided a platform for diverse voices, especially underrepresented ones.

The creation of a strong European political community which is (inter)active, diverse and able to form and express opinions in political debate is essential. That’s why during the debate many interesting ideas emerged. Guided by facilitators from ALDA and project partners, the participants from different countries and different backgrounds discussed in small groups on the future of green mobility in Europe, brainstormed andco-design a policy recommendation on the topic. Many interesting ideas emerged, and the results were presented to the plenary session at the end of the conference.

The conference aimed to empower and amplify underrepresented voices, making them join the discussion about green mobility and its impact on our planet

Moreover, as part of the poster competition launched in the framework of EU24 – Engage for the Planet to link creativity and awareness of challenges and problems about the climate crisis, the winner of the poster competition on green mobility was announced.

The Climate Debate in Strasbourg (France), at the premises of the CIARUS Hostel, has been a significant occasion to underline the importance of giving voice to citizens. ALDA, though the implementation of the EU24 – Engage for the Planet project aims to decrease the democratic participation gap of young citizens, citizens of diverse backgrounds, in a gender balanced way by showing them their voices matter.

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