European assises of decentralised cooperation for development in Brussels

Mar 30, 2011

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The second edition of the European Assises of decentralised cooperation for development was held in Brussels on March 29-30. Representatives of local and regional authorities from EU and developing countries participated in the event and exchanged views with each other and representatives of European institutions on development cooperation.
The President of the Committee of the Regions Mercedes Bresso, the European Commissioner for development Andris Pielbags and the Vice-president of the European Parliament Isabelle Durant participated in the Assises.

The aim of the Assises was to strengthen the effectiveness of development aid and the participation of local and regional authorities in the development cooperation policies and to build a genuine EU partnership between the different actors active in the field of development.
During the Assises, ALDA representatives participated in the panel during the workshop organised by TER-RES (Territoires Responsables). Mr. Dobrica Milovanovic, First Vice President of ALDA and Vice Mayor of the City of Kragujevac, Serbia; Mrs. Sabrina Rosati from Reggio nel Mondo, Italy and ALDA Director, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida spoke in the panel and presented the Local Democracy Agency approach and experience as a tool for successful multilateral decentralised cooperation and partnership building in development work.

ALDA had a stand during the Assises and presented participants with more details about the work of the Local Democracy Agencies and the role of ALDA as an actor for development. A special emphasis was put on ALDA’s upcoming Working Together for Development project which is expected to start in early 2011. This multi-annual development project with 21 international partners and associates coming from 16 different countries aims at improving the capacities of local authorities and non state actors to act as efficient development agents.