ALDA’s contribution to the RealDeal event

Join us for an engaging debate as we stand just a month away from the European Parliament elections, where we are going to welcome a new parliament. With this possibility of a new
parliament on the horizon, the conversation turns towards ambitious central topic, where both hope and concerns can appear.
Firstly, the debate will be centered around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the European Green Deal.
Moreover, we’ll explore the crucial question of inclusivity in decision-making, with ALDA‘s participation in explaining the importance of the European vote and civic engagement. How can we enhance
the involvement of citizens and stakeholders in shaping the future of the European Union? The conversation will encompass innovative approaches to foster meaningful participation, ensuring
that diverse voices are heard and valued in EU governance.
Be part of this crucial discourse shaping the future trajectory of the European Parliament and the European Union as a whole!

For further information visit the brochure of the event.

📍Rome, Italy

📆 8 May 2024


May 08 2024