Eye of the Voter: Engaging young voices

Eye of the Voter: Engaging young voices

Going in to this conference our question is “What methods engage young voters in European elections in the 2020s?”. This conference marks the end of the project The Eye of the voters, where young adults from the Järva area north of Stockholm and a similar group from central Italy were trained as election observers and applied their skills during the Polish election of 2023. Our findings support the hypothesis that involving representatives from areas with low voter turnout as election observers positively affects trust in democracy beyond the direct participants.

To make the scope broader we have invited some organisations who work with other creative engagement strategies. Among our guests are a Latvian organisation who works with integrating election work into university curricula for credits and a Polish media organisation whose youth journalists engage over 100s of thousands of viewers through TikTok and similar platforms with their coverage of important social and political events.

The event spans two hours—split evenly between presentations and deeper discussions in small groups, fostering networking and collaborative opportunities.

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📆 11 April 2024


Apr 12 2024