Meet your Future Policymakers: Youth and EP Candidates in Dialogue

Meet your Future Policymakers: Youth and EP Candidates in Dialogue

This event provides a platform for an active exchange of perspectives, ideas, and concerns, facilitating direct engagement between young individuals and candidates for the European Parliament. Addressing critical issues such as climate change, economic policies, mental health, human rights, social justice, and education, the session seeks to identify and help bridge the gap between youth aspirations and the legislative agenda. Through proactive dialogue, young participants and EP candidates are invited to express their views and gain valuable insights, paving the way for a more inclusive and responsive political environment. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with candidates from different parties, exchange ideas and delve deeper into their campaign programs. The goal is to foster closer connections between young people and their future representatives, facilitating discussions on their respective priorities and visions for the Future of Europe.

Our distinguished panelists include:

  • Suzana Carp, EP Candidate (Belgium), European Climate Policy Specialist, representing Volt (Group of Greens)
  • Laura Hidalgo, EP Candidate (Belgium), President of the Young MR, representing the Reformist Movement (Renew Europe)
  • Yvan Verougstraete, EP Candidate (Belgium), Vice-President of Political Reflection, representing Les Engagés Movement (EPP)
  • Léa Charlet, EP Candidate (Belgium), Youth Sector NGO Director and Strategic Analyst, representing ECOLO (Group of Greens)
  • Bram Vandeninden, EP Candidate (Belgium), Scientist and Policy Planning, representing Volt (Group of Greens)
  • Marta Barandiy, EP Candidate, Founder of Promote Ukraine, representing the political movement Voor U

This event is designed for young individuals, civil society organizations, youth associations, policymakers, public authorities, and all European citizens who are eager to actively contribute to shaping the future of Europe.

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📆 09 April 2024


Apr 09 2024




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