Exchange of best practices between Thiene and Ijevan

Apr 10, 2012

Good governance Linked project:

Within the cooperation project between the Municipalities of Thiene (I) and Ijevan (AM), a study visit of a delegation of the Armenian City will be held in Thiene (10-13 April 2012).
Waste management, culture, territorial management, will be the areas of exchange of good practices among administrators and officials of the two municipalities.
(In the photo: First meeting between Thiene and Ijevan in Ijevan, October 2011).
The Armenian delegation will arrive today in Italy for an intensive session of work within the project launched by the Municipality of Thiene with the Municipality of Ijevan, in collaboration with ALDA, with the financial support of the Veneto Region in the context of decentralised cooperation for development programme.
During the visit there will be many opportunities to deeper the mutual knowledge between administrators and officials of the two municipalities, to share the decision making processes of the two Cities and their way to promote and support the good governance and the citizens’ participation.