“Federalism in Europe and the World”. 31st training seminar of Istituto Spinelli

Sep 13, 2012

Good governance

“The European project is at a crossroads: we need its values and its overall vision to keep on going it” affirmed Mr. Ruggiero Mennea, ALDA’s Governing Board member, and Apulia Regional Councillor, in his speech at the final session of the International Seminar that took place in Ventotene from the 2nd of September until the 7th of September promoted by Istituto Spinelli, MFE, JEF.

During the week different issues dealing with the Federalist Movement as a whole were faced.
The Seminar focused on three main themes: World Federalist issues, European Federalist issues and Sustainable Development issues. These three main topics have been always interconnected and the debate was incredibly fascinating and enriched with several contributes from spokesmen and participants themselves.
World Federalist issues are connected with the Global Democracy having as main goal the integration of all the areas of the world to obtain the Kant universalism. In other words reach the peace will be possible just strengthening the connections among all the States, for example through the cooperation among regional institutions. During the seminar were presented in particular MERCOSUR and ASEAN but also other ones, with all their limits and strengths.
Sustainable development is another cogent issue for the European and World Federalist Movement, the crisis began also because our lifestyle is not anymore feasible with the nature, and the energetic supply is the next challenge in future. In order to be more sustainable European Union offers some propositions as the “carbon tax”, but this field of action should engage all the civil society.
“Our duty is to bring forth the ideas and the vision of Europe, that was born as a project to achieve peace and stability in Europe so European Union shouldn’t be just a bureaucracy machine but the bureaucratic apparatus should be just a part of it otherwise it would die” Mr Mennea concluded.
The connections created by ALDA and the Federalist Movement would be really valuable for both organisations hoping that this meeting will make grow up even more European conscience and awareness.


It was a wonderful experience that enriched me a lot and that I suggest to everyone to make.
I am Croatian so I had a lot of difficulties to arrive in Ventotene but definitely it worth it.
I could go in depths with some kind of issues very interesting, as economic issues and the role of the ICC for the democratic process, even with their problems and challenges and in regards of European issues it is a good message to bring home, considering the access of Croatia to European Union, that is means that European project still fundamental to realise the European purpose of peace, stability and prosperity

Daniela Proia and Tomislav Nedic‘s participation was supported by ALDA