Final event for the programme “Capitalise on Migrant Capacities in Algeria”, supported by EC/UNDP

Apr 27, 2011

Migration Linked project:
Capitalise on migrant capacities in Algeria

On the 27th of April, in Alger, took place the final event of the programme “Capitalising Migrant Capacities in Algeria” supported by EC and UNDP. The final diploma were handed out, as well as the the microcredit regranting was confirmed, to all the candidates (17) who followed a training process in the course of the programme. The microcredit scheme will support the young entrepreneurs with grant between 1500 and 2500 Euro.

At the event were present the Director of ALDA, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, and M. Alessandro Perelli, member of the Governing Board, from Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT).
The programme sets the basis for an intensification of the relations between ALDA and the Maghreb area in the context of the MED strategy proposed by the Governing Board of the Association.

Converting the brain drain, from Algeria to Italy and Europe, into human and economic capital, creating real prospects for improving social and economic conditions.
This was the objective of the project that involved a large number of Algerian and Italian local authorities and NGOs. The project has been coordinated and organised by ALDA.

The scheme was developed through training and information actions addressed both to migrants, potential or back to their country, and to local authorities in Algeria.
Project partners were, together with ALDA, the Sicilian Region, the Regional Department for Family, Social Policies and Labour, FACME, the Algerian Forum for Citizenship and Modernity, the Municipality of Lecce, ISPRES, the Institute of Social and Economic Research (Puglia, Italy), and the Municipality of Kouba (Algeria).

In order to capitalise on the migration phenomenon, the project has acted in three directions.
The first one was aimed at the orientation of potential migrants, who were provided with the correct information about what really awaits them once they cross the border and with training fundamentals in relation to future employment.
The second one aimed to assist the immigrants who have lost their job owing to the worldwide economic crisis to return to work in Algeria, capitalising on their experience and laying the foundations for the economic development of the Maghreb area.

The last action aimed to give to local authorities information and technical advice for managing the migration phenomenon.
In addition to moments of debate and exchange of experiences (a workshop in Lecce, and the final conference in Palermo) the project promoted a “two career days”, each of them conceived as a career fair (first day) and pre-departure orientation seminars in two Algerian cities, and a training session in Algeria about project management and business start-ups. The training sessions was followed up by a re-granting scheme, which awarded the best business projects from the training sessions and other proposals.