Final event of the Water’s Experts project: together to highlight the importance of water

Aug 08, 2023

Environment & climate Linked project:
Water's Experts

From 4 to 6 August 2023, the final event of the Water’s Experts project took place in Italy, hosted by the project leader, Paese dell’Acqua.

Partners and international students were welcomed in Sassinoro (Italy), a lovely town perched on a hill in the south of Italy, and surrounded by nature and water courses: the perfect framework to conclude the journey of the Water’s Experts project.

The 3-day final event gave students the opportunity to meet their peers from other countries and share their experiences and knowledge about the topic. Moreover, partners discussed together the project’s results which have been afterwards presented to the citizens in order to raise awareness on the importance of water and the issue of climate change. 

Among the several activities planned for the final event, the most important role was played by international students who were selected to be part of the event as they have been actively involved during the three days. 

Students shared their experiences and knowledge about the topic as they have been actively involved in the whole project

On the first day, youngsters from Italy, North Macedonia, France and Portugal presented the work done during the training course in their respective countries, while the second day they put into practice the skills they acquired during the workshop on the Fluvial Functionality Index. Guided by Ms. Enrica Bronzo, biology teacher, students and the partners explored the Sassinora river, analysing together the main morphological aspects and, in the afternoon, the teacher facilitated an interesting discussion to disclose the data collected on the river situation. The conclusions of the exchange were then presented to the Mayor and a member of the City Council, together with proposals and recommendations on the topic.

Moreover, thanks to the event, participants had the chance to discover more water resources of the area during guided tours of the Tammaro and Biferno rivers, as well as the interesting archeological site of Sepino Altilia, in the region of Molise, Italy.

Finally, the last evening was dedicated to the projection of the documentary “Til the last drop” in collaboration with the association “Controcorrente per il Sarno che verrà”.

The final event of the Water’s Experts project represented an important moment of sharing, being a link between the students from different parts of Europe, the project partners and the local community, based on the common value of the importance of protecting the water resources and the environment.

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