Forum delle acque 2023: strengthening the participatory base of eco-museums to valorise and protect the territory

Jul 14, 2023

Environment & climate

On June 24 2023, Mr. Marco Boaria, ALDA Director of Programs and Corporate Strategy, participated in the “Forum delle Acque” (water forum), which took place in Terni (Italy). 

The “Forum delle Acque” is a moment of study and discussion on good practices for the protection and regeneration of the water resource: a meeting ground for knowledge, ideas, projects, organisations and people active on this issue, and a laboratory for sustainable and circular solutions in the interaction between mankind and nature, which aims to create a space for experimentation, information and reflection.

The forum aims to contribute to the creation of a new ‘Water Culture’ by approaching the topic from different aspects, which correspond to the various focuses presented; creating training and discussion for public and private decision-makers; investigating new relationships between art, technology, popularisation and science; developing new educational models oriented towards awareness and sustainability; implementing cultural enhancement of landscape and community systems; improving water management in the face of increasingly critical changes; proposing experiences in the territory directly related to water.

Reaching its second edition, the four-day long Forum was attended by numerous speakers who, through their expertise and knowledge, provided interesting and insightful information on the topics mentioned above. 

Guidelines, good practices and coordination policies on water issues were presented to stakeholders

Specifically, the day on 24 June focused on the valorisation of the cultural and natural landscape through Water Ecomuseums. The lecturers discussed the presentation of the best national experiences in order to outline guidelines, good practices and coordination policies on the matter. 

Mr. Boaria participated in a roundtable discussion on the Water Ecomuseum of the Marmore waterfall, called “Le Terre di Hydra”, an ecomuseum that aims to increase the attractiveness of the area, rediscovering values and adding meaning to the tourist’s visit: a gateway to the area, its history and its many points of interest.

The participation in the Forum acquires a very important meaning for the Association. ALDA, as well as ALDA+ and ALDA Italia Aps, through the implementation of European, national and local projects, have always been committed to the valorisation of the territory and the use of digital and technological tools to safeguard it and increase its attractiveness. ALDA is particularly interested in the experiences of eco-museums mainly because of the strong ‘participatory’ background on which eco-museums are based, and therefore on this common value we look forward to future cooperations between the Association and the network of eco-museums.