From MED to ALDA MEA: a nominal change for a wider action in Middle East & Africa

Dec 10, 2020

Territorial & local development

Following the disclosure of ALDA’s strategic views 2020-2024, we are extremely proud to announce that the name of one of the regional areas covered by ALDA has officially changed, from MED – Mediterranean to MEA – Middle East & Africa.

Such a change derives from the growing presence of ALDA on the whole African Continent through partnerships, projects and activities, for an action that is no longer limited to the Southern Neighbourhood of the European Union.

In fact, if on the one hand, ALDA is consolidating relations with already existing partners, on the other new collaborations are being developed with several African countries, such as Togo, Ivory Coast and Guinea.

This strategy keeps on following ALDA’s pillars and belief that local democracy is a universal value meant to be shared with as many communities as possible, surely adapting our approach to the peculiarities of each context and with the support of local partners.

All this, pursuing the goal that since its beginnings characterised ALDA: the will to support motivated and committed communities in improving local governance through a participatory approach, thus providing tools to civil society and local authorities to cooperate and reach to the implementation of sustainable, fair and shared policies and projects.

We wish our MEA – Middle East & Africa department all the best for their upcoming partnerships and… stay tuned to discover the new projects on the way!