GEM IN Final Conference: the closing step of an educational journey

May 12, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

After almost 3 years of hard work, the partners of GEM IN “ Game to EMbrace INtercultural education” – finally had the opportunity to gather together for the Final Conference of the project, which took place on May 5, 2022, in Strasbourg. 

During this event, the partners underlined how GEM IN exceeded the purpose of providing  operational policy recommendations in the field of education and training by fostering social inclusion, cross-cultural dialogue and active citizenship and by creating a space in the field of education where formality and informality go hand in hand. 

In a period where education experienced a moment of closure, GEM IN created an educational community to share culture and promote critical thinking. 

As a demonstration of this, the partners presented to the attendees the GEM IN game, a colorful pedagogical kit aimed at teachers/educators as much as youngsters, containing several questions on different topics, such as technology, Europe and social values. The aim of the game was to create an environment where knowledge could be built and accepted, and where the main goal “was not to know the answer, but to be open to understand the answer” as stated by Giovanni Barbieri, project manager at CESIE and coordinator of GEM IN. 

GEM IN created an educational community to share culture and promote critical thinking

The conference continued with a presentation of partners’ experiences when conducting the pilots in their own country. They highlighted how during this phase, the sharing of ideas and the exchange of feedback among partners was constant and constructive, giving life to a whole community. This session was followed by a panel discussion on the benefits of the method “learning by playing”. 

The event ended in a very emotional way, with the hope that the GEM IN game and its community will continue to live beyond the boundaries of the project.


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