Governing Board of ALDA: Adoption of the Strategic Views for 2013/2016

Jan 17, 2013

Good governance

The Governing Board that took place in Vicenza (Italy) on the 17th and 18th of January 2013 was of particular importance for ALDA since it adopted the Strategic Paper 2013/2016. In particular, the strategy is confirming the role of ALDA as a membership based organisation, focusing on local governance and citizens participation in Europe and in the Neighbourhood.

It addresses the role of the Local Democracy Agencies in South Eastern Europe and in the Eastern Partnership. Following the Statute, the LDAs could be opened also in other areas, in particular in the Mediterranean area, when useful and when the conditions are met.
As for the LDAs are concerned, the future step will be towards East with activities in Azerbaijan and in Ukraine.

The programme of 2013 was also adopted with an ambitious list of activities. “In the present times, it is difficult for all the local authorities and associations to find the necessary resources to be engaged, but we confirm that ALDA and the Local Democracy Agencies represent a resources for the communities that needs support rather than a cost”, states the President of ALDA, Oriano Otočan. “We could secure our members a list of services that will help them to be better informed on all the policies and opportunities. We are also a very big source of networking and contacts”.