GreenScape CE

Development of nature-based solutions (NBS) and green infrastructure (GI)


Cities are growing in central Europe, often turning green areas into grey concrete places. This urban sprawl accelerates negative effects of climate change such as urban heat islands. The GreenScape-CE project works on reversing the trend by making urban areas greener again. The partnership strengthens planning capacities and pilots the application of nature-based solutions and green infrastructure approaches in five cities, which are significantly affected by urban heat island effects.


The primary mission of the GreenScape CE project is to integrate nature-based solutions (NBS) and green infrastructure (GI) into grey urban environments, by using a multifaceted approach, involving peer-to-peer learning, transnational capacity building, and participatory decision-making. What sets GreenScape CE apart is its innovative blend of nature-based solutions with traditional grey infrastructure, which promises to enhance urban resilience significantly.

The results of this endeavour will benefit local governments and citizens alike. Knowledge exchange, multi-level governance reinforcement, tailored capacity building events, and the implementation of NBS pilot actions are all geared toward improving well-being and fostering social inclusion.