Heighthening the Engagement of Youth


HEY project addresses the challenges of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities. With the COVID-19 crisis, the current situation may lead to social exclusion in the fields of education, labour market, living, health and participation in the society.

Thus, the HEY project, through the collaboration of 7 partner organisations, proposes a positive youth development approach focused on making young individuals stronger and more resourceful, as reflected in their behaviour and mind-set.


Among the main objectives of the project:

  • Presenting data on how the pandemic is amplifying existing vulnerabilities among youth, and how youth work responds to the needs,
  • Fostering the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, returnees and others to become active citizens;
  • Empowering youth workers to build synergies and equip them with digital tools to address youth challenges
  • Up-skilling through the provision of an open-access source of e-learning training and
  • Supporting young people through mentoring and peer-to-peer consultation