Happy African Women’s Day from Kairouan, Tunisia

Aug 06, 2020

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

International African Women’s Day was promulgated by the United Nations in 1962, before being officially declared on July 31st, 1974, during the first Congress organised by the Panafrican Women’s Organisation in Dakar.

Since that moment, African women have set numerous achievements and have been marking history thanks to the important role they have been playing within their countries, as well as in the world, increasingly showing an authentic leadership that is taking foot in the political and economic world.

On July 31st, 2020, LDA Tunisia organised a joint event together with the Youth Economic Chamber (Jeune Chambre Economique JCI) in Kairouan, Tunisia to celebrate such important recurrence. The idea to make this happen was born during a “friendly talk” session with JCI Junior Kairouan, as the group wanted to honour all African Women for their perseverance, resilience in protecting their rights, and for contributing to the consolidation of democracy and to the sustainable development of their countries. Prepared and realised by youth, the event allowed the audience to discover through a docu-film the lives of the 5 most affirmed African women, followed by an “open mic” session where the audience of young students had the chance to share their related experiences in the city of Kairouan.

The whole occasion was marked by outstanding vivacity, bright colours and African rythms which brought joy to all, and was a great way not only to reaffirm the important role of women in the Continent, but also to promote the culture of African students in Kairouan, and to allow youth to perceive and appreciate the ethnic and linguistic differences of the Sub-Saharan African community that resides there.

Once again, a wonderful initiative brought together by LDA Tunisia together with local actors, in line with its strategic objectives of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) connected to sustainable cities and communities; local governance and citizen participation; gender equality; local development and cultural heritage valorisation. The Agency has to date completed the PARFAIT project and is currently involved in the projects In City, Ricomincio Da Te, and AUTREMENT. In addition, it is undertaking a strategy for waste management in Kairouan, conducting a field study on local women employed in the agricultural field, and hosting regular workshops and webinars: a true inspiration for all of Alda!