In Copenhagen to exchange on the inclusiveness and migrants’ empowerment

Dec 01, 2022

Youth empowerment & Education

On the 24th and 25th of November, ALDA was both part of the 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM), and of the online Conversation of Change (CoC) training at Union in Copenhagen. Held by Crossing Borders, the event took place in the framework of  the Includate project. The latter aims at the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, specifically migrants, which are prone to intersectional marginalisation through a combination of ethnic discrimination and social-economic deprivation. 

Beginning on 24 November, the first part was dedicated to the results and reports on the local events, providing valuable insights as the before-mentioend events were held in different countries with diverse backgrounds. Therefore, the TPM marked not only an opportunity to share problems and solutions; but also it allowed the creation of a fruitful space of discussion. 

Specifically, partners reflected and exchanged on several methods, such as combining mapping and reporting and about the involvement of the participants.

In Copenhagen partners reflected and exchanged on several methods, such as combining mapping and reporting and about the involvement of the participants

Lately in the afternoon, all partners had the chance to participate in an online Conversation of Change training, which focused on facilitating dialogue through different methodologies, such as the SECURE dialogue, The Boston Matrix, group discussions and Methods for Opening the Space.

Finally, on the following day, partners gathered to discuss the next steps and action plans, while also reporting on the dissemination activities. Besides, after lunch, Crossing Borders hosted the Migrant City tour, giving participants the chance to discover Nørrebro neighborhood in Copenhagen, which is home to a vibrant multicultural community. The guide explained the history of the districts, putting a focus on the migration flows, the riots, and the industrialization period which all converged to the creation of such a culturally diverse neighborhood

Overall, the meeting was an opportunity to share and learn from each other, and all the partners were enthusiastic about the outcome. ALDA looks forward to meeting again in Palermo next year! 

Useful info:
The partner countries within Includate are: Italy, France, Germany, Hungary and Denmark. 

The meeting in Copenhagen was the third event of the project, following a Kick- off Meeting and a Transnational Learning Teaching Training Activity in Berlin.