Exploring innovations in Euro-Integrative processes at the School of European Policy

Dec 18, 2023

Good governance

The School of European Policy, meticulously organised by Eurotink on the 15th and 16th of December 2023 in North Macedonia, stands as an annual cornerstone event. It serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path towards a deeper comprehension of European integration processes and policies. This year, the spotlight is on the intricacies of European integration processes, as the School embraces a novel methodology — a modified approach that underlines its dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments and adapting methodologies to align with the ever-evolving dynamics of Euro-integrative endeavors.

Distinguished attendees from various sectors, including representatives from civil society organisations, institutions, journalists, media professionals, students, and emerging young professionals, converged at the School. Their collective presence symbolises a unified commitment to delving into and comprehending the intricate terrain that North Macedonia will navigate during its negotiation process with the European Union.

This edition of the School of European Policy is part of Eurotink’s longstanding tradition. It unfolds within the expansive framework of the “Media for the EU” project, a collaborative initiative led by Eurotink – Center for European Strategies in partnership with ALDA and the Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation (BIRS), generously supported by the European Union.

The School, as a pivotal forum, fosters an environment where diverse perspectives converge, fostering insightful discussions and shared knowledge. With the new methodology of integration processes taking center stage, participants engage in an intellectual exchange that goes beyond the conventional, exploring innovative avenues to deepen their understanding of Euro-integrative processes.

The modified methodology accentuates the proactive approach of the School in responding to the contemporary challenges posed by the complex and dynamic nature of European integration. By embracing this forward-thinking strategy, the School demonstrates its commitment to not only dissecting current issues but also proactively shaping the discourse and strategies that will drive the Euro-integrative landscape in the years to come.

Representatives of civil society organizations, institutions, journalists, media workers, students, and young professionals gathered at the School. Their presence symbolises a shared commitment to exploring and understanding the areas that North Macedonia will navigate in its negotiation process with the EU.

In conclusion, the School of European Policy continues to be a vital platform for intellectual exchange, collaboration and exploration. By embracing a modified methodology, it positions itself at the forefront of innovative approaches to Euro-integrative processes. As the event unfolds within the broader context of the “Media for the EU” project, it not only reflects the commitment of Eurotink and its partners to advancing the understanding of European integration but also signals a collective determination to shape a more integrated and interconnected European future.