Intermediate steering committee for Macedonian stakeholders in Prilep improves the decentralized cooperation between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia

Apr 26, 2011

Good governance

In the framework of the Programme for decentralised cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and Republic of North Macedonia, Macedonian stakeholders met with the Project Officer for the decentralised cooperation from Lower Normandy, Ms. Nadige Lecluse, in Prilep, on April 21, 2011.
Ms. Lecluse welcomed Macedonian stakeholders and invited them to share their experiences regarding completed activities and the project in general. The participants discussed the administration and finance issues, as well as previewed projects for this year.

The attendees also talked about the tourism mission planned for July 2011, when several tour operators from Lower Normandy will visit North Macedonia and try to promote it as new tourist destination.
The new strategy for communication developed by the Skopje office was also reviewed, followed by the reactions and propositions of the partners. Their ideas will be implemented in the new web site of the cooperation which is in the development process.
Analysing the new possibilities, prepositions and supporting measures, this committee resulted in interesting and innovative opinions that will improve the Programme for decentralised cooperation between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia. These results will be excellent support and preview for the French stakeholders, who will meet this May.
For further information please consult the web page of the Cooperation