International Network Conference: inclusion and empowerment of migrants and refugees

Nov 30, 2022


3STEPS project network in Greece, Italy, Turkey, France, and Spain

The 3STEPS international conference, entitled “Social inclusion of (low-skilled) migrants and refugees in education. Join 3STEPS network” took place on 23 November 2022 in Strasbourg. Hosted by ALDA, partners  and guests (both online and offline) actively joined the conference, grasping the most of it.

From a general perspective, the 3STEPS project is meant to support social inclusion of migrants and refugees by fostering two methodologies previously implemented – be they “Basic Education Methodology” and “Tandem Now”. Specifically, the project intended to increase the chances of migrants and refugees to remain within the educational and vocational system of their host country by providing them basic skills as well as a stable grounding for further personal achievements.

The first part of the conference was dedicated to insights on the implemented activities and the outcomes of the project based on the information collected by each partner. Here the main aspects:

  • Caminos, Spanish association and leader of the project, provided an overview on the key aspects of the project, the “3 steps” to take: 
    • Basic education training to improve skills on literacy, numeracy and digital skills
    • Vocational orientation and blended learning by role models mentors
    • Social inclusion and mutual learning activities
  • After having provided an overview on the Italian context, CESIE illustrated the work undertaken in terms of mentoring. The latter refers to the activities of orientation or information developed according to the needs of the mentees mentor with migrant background experienced from linguistic and cultural point of view
  • Similarly, Mozaik recalled how, thanks to the 3STEPS project, the organisation has been able to create a space for young migrants/refugees in Turkey to contribute with their talents and strengths to the well-being of the whole society in the long-term. Hence, the training was a way to increase their motivation and envision their future paths
  • A great insight both in terms of the Greek context on unaccompanied minors, and in terms of training of trainers. As also responsible for the working package, Symplexis shared with the audience the activities done, while introducing the concept of “mentors as role models”, through volunteering. In other words, mentors support youngsters in their career orientation, studies & strengthening their life skills.

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In addition, as pointed out by participants, what is quite necessary when discussing “Inclusive Education” is the improvement of collaboration among the different stakeholders, thus requiring constant actions and the sharing of knowledge, tools and good practices through a solid network.

The latter is thus among the will behind the project: creating a group of people interested in the topic, so that to have an international collaboration, while also working to develop a policy brief, useful for further studies and improvements. A holistic approach that takes into consideration both educational and vocational development, focusing on individuals’ singularities are at the core of “Inclusive Education”: hence, having a network working to ease and to reflect around these hints will be of great value.

Overall, the International Networking Conference marked an important milestone in further localising the event, in engaging with organisations and citizens in Strasbourg, while further spreading awareness and exchange on Inclusive Education.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact: Anita Lugli, Project Manager

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