International seminar on Federalism in Europe and in the World

Aug 31, 2012

Good governance

ALDA will attend the 29th International Seminar for young people on “Federalism in Europe and in the world”, taking place in Ventotene (Italy) from the 2nd to the 7th September 2012.
Almost 150 young people from across the continent will participate at the event, to form the federalist thinking and develop proposals for action.

The seminar is promoted by the Institute for Federalist Studies “Spinelli”, in collaboration with the GFE and the MFE, with the support of Lazio Region, Province of Latina and Ventotene.
The main aims of the Seminar is to spread throughout the World Federalist Movement ideas and their applications in a global context among the participants and several experts that will participate to this seminar.
The seminar deals with several issues related to international economics, migration, peace-building and peace-maintenance and with the integration processes in the European and in the global context.
During this week there will be different moments to share experiences and knowledge about these matters, there will be working groups and roundtables in order to get in depth in these fields and to promote a better understanding of Federalist Movement. ALDA will also actively participate at the seminar, in particular with its representative Mr. Ruggiero Mennea, Governing Board member, that in the last round of the discussion will present the Association, its fields of action and the connections between ALDA and the Federalist Movement.
The European Federalist Movement from 1982 yearly purposes the International seminar in Ventotene Island with a tight program concerning federalism in Europe and in the world.
Ventotene, an island off the Italian coast, was the place where Altiero Spinelli, author of the Federalist Ventotene Manifesto, was imprisoned during the Second World War. Each year, young Federalists gather here to discuss with leading experts from the European and World Federalist Movement federalist ideas European and global issues. The seminar is a unique and intensive experience on European and Federalist studies.