International trainings for trainers: BIM and ICONS app

Apr 28, 2021

Youth empowerment & Education

We are trigger to announce the launch of the International Training for Trainers “Road to Digitalisation for workers 4.0: ICONS method and tools”.

The core of such training is to present the ICONS BIM – oriented training module and app for an easy and functional understanding of BIM to non-specialised blue-collar workers and students approaching the construction sector, developed by 7 European organisations (Scuola Costruzioni Vicenza Andrea Palladio, Coventry University, Universitat de Valencia, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V., Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije e Westdeutscher Handwerkskammertag) active in the field of education and construction sector and coming from 5 European countries (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany and the United Kingdom).

These tools represent an opportunity to increase the workers’ digital skills and BIM knowledge, as well as promoting the productivity and sustainability of the construction sector in Europe.

Read the full agenda and join!

The training sessions are targeted to expert trainers from 5 European countries (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany and the United Kingdom).

Keynote speakers in the BIM and innovation sector from Italy and Spain will provide advanced training to participants about the methodology, functioning and application of the ICONS training module and app.

Furthermore, valuable experts will have the chance to take part in the digital transformation of the building sites and to improve the quality of blue collars’s working conditions in the construction sector! Indeed, trained expert trainers will concretely contribute in the testing and validation process of the ICONS BIM-oriented training course and app, through their involvement in the organisation of national training and pilot sites in the building sites in 5 European countries.

Finally, trainers will collect students’ and blue collars’ feedback, thanks to those ICONS BIM-oriented training model app will be adjusted and validated.

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