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ALDA has been present in the Western Balkans since its foundation. The idea of the creation of ALDA as an umbrella organisation to promote local democracy started in this region and spread afterwards in the EU and in its Neighborhood.
Under ALDA’s guidance and support, local and regional authorities and Local Democracy Agencies from the Western Balkan countries has been working together and in partnership with other European regions and organisations to make local communities more socially and economically successful, more inclusive, sustainable and fair.

Participatory democracy is well implemented at the local level and contributes to life improvement of citizens and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, ALDA is supporting a wide network of local authorities to assess their work in the field of good governance and sustainable development towards the pre-accession negotiations ongoing between the EU and some of the countries from the Balkans.
Furthermore, the regional dimension and the relative project-oriented approach are at the core of ALDA’s strategies in the Western Balkans, in order to assure a closer cooperation between the European Union and the Balkan countries thus supporting the development of inclusive, fair and sustainable policies also towards their international relations with global actors.

The political strategy of ALDA is to support the access of Western Balkans to EU.

Towards this aim, ALDA is working with the network of the Balkan Network for Democracy, engaging all LDAs in the region.


Agenzie della Democrazia Locale

Activities implemented


ALDA’s main goal in the Western Balkans is to support cooperation and EU integration processes in the region as well as to promote local democracy and citizens participation as a precondition for local sustainable development.

Other key goals are:

  • Assisting its members and the Local Democracy Agencies in their actions for the promotion of the social and economic development of the region ahead of its full accession to the European Union
  • Supporting local communities tackling the challenges posed by fragile democracy and economy, raising nationalism and demographic decline, thus promoting the transition to digitalization with local communities
  • Supporting the role of local authorities and civil society as genuine and strong actors for change and for bringing values and success in the region
  • Encouraging a “regional approach” to advance together having a scale impact at the economic and social level allowing a better performance of the region.
  • Supporting political and social processes towards reliable, transparent and fair economy, policies and international agreements with regards to the rule of law principle.

Aree d'azione

In order to achieve its objectives, ALDA is actively cooperating with relevant EU institutions, ministries, national institutions from the Balkan countries, local authorities and civil society networks. It is part of many networks and platforms to promote its values and approach of work.

Other foreseen and in progress actions are:

  • Supporting and developing the Local Democracy Agencies as agents for change for local democracy and citizens’ participation.
  • Promoting regional cooperation and improves the cooperation of Local Democracy Agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Supporting actions in decentralized cooperation to use the exchanges of best practices and to get the European communities closed to those of these regions.
  • Promoting activities for exchanges, mutual understanding and cooperation among different people from the region, mainly youth.
  • Developing projects and actions supporting local resilient communities and empowered and responsible civil society focusing on local democracy and local economic development using the territorial approach to development.
  • Supporting the process of EU integration by being an interlocuter of the European policies, by advocating for better policies and further push to accession policies.
  • Developing in each country a number of members and partners so to be a relevant partner for the European and global actors supporting local communities while fighting nationalism and promoting peace and reconciliation.

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Regional strategies

Durante i suoi primi 20 anni, ALDA ha sviluppato e affinato strategie specifiche e mirate per raggiungere la sua missione nelle diverse regioni del mondo. Infatti, è fondamentale essere consapevoli che ogni area ha un proprio insieme di caratteristiche peculiari, essendo il risultato di processi storici, economici e sociali, richiedendo così un certo approccio.
Leggi le nostre strategie regionali e scopri i principali obiettivi e le aree di azione a cui abbiamo puntato per sostenere l'impegno locale e la democrazia partecipativa in tutto il mondo!