Join the Exciting Journey with the Observatories in the Innovation Alliance Circular Design (CID) Project!

May 21, 2024

Digital & innovation Linked project:
CID - Circular Design for bio-based innovation towards climate-neutral cities

Discover a realm of innovation and collaboration within the Innovation Alliance Circular Design (CiD).

The CID project addresses the gap of the construction sector regarding green, resilience, and digital skills in architecture, urban design, product/service design in a multidisciplinary approach and offers a radically new model on how to link design to circularity and urban transformation. It is run by 11 partners from 8 different European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Lituania, Belgium, France, Estonia, UK).  The Alliance develops innovation in Circular Design education by fostering entrepreneurship in academia, with an accelerator and continuous education programmes to upskill in emerging labour market profiles and enabling the creation of green start-ups.

The consortium sets up 6 observatories with varied and relevant stakeholders that will be inspired by social, cultural, ecological and economic sustainability principles to connect education and research with society and enterprises. 

The collaboration among the stakeholders of the observatories will expand the boundaries of CiD and foster the exchange and knowledge transfer among countries

In particular, the project focuses on establishing and managing 3 European Observatories:

  • Urban Transformation Observatory
  • Circular Economy Observatory
  • Bio-based Innovation Observatory.

Additionally, three Local Observatories will be set up in:

  • Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany)
  • Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)
  • Genova (Liguria, Italy)

The European Observatory in Urban Transformation, led by ALDA, aims to bring together experts in Circular design  in the sectors of urban design, architectural design, and product and service design to support the outcomes of the project in the short and long-term.

These observatories are envisioned as a dynamic innovation alliance network, steadily expanding with new partners joining our journey. If you’re passionate about advancing learning programs in Circular Design, emphasizing green initiatives, digital advancements, resilience, and entrepreneurial skills, then come aboard and let’s shape the future together. By fostering a continuous exchange of knowledge among all stakeholders involved, we can forge strong networking mechanisms to broaden our stakeholder community and elevate the project outcomes to greater heights.

Your participation can truly make a difference in propelling Circular Design forward. If you would like to receive more information on how to be part of the European Observatory in Urban Transformation, you can contact Lizeth Lopez (

These observatories have already helped to identify challenges for the learners, skills mismatches, and will be evaluating the curricula created by the consortium. They will, consequently, support identification of Green-Deal, circular economy, and resilience related market needs and emerging professions at EU level.