Joining the European Meetings on Participation in Amiens

Sep 21, 2021

Good governance

ALDA colleague Morgane Egerton has been participating in the event European Meetings on Participation – Inventing together the democracy of tomorrow

The five day event, which took place all over the city of Amiens (France) for the first three days and held online for the last two, was a sizable gathering of many different people. Every day was filled with various activities, like workshops, tours and talks, that functioned as learning experiences as well as moments to socialise and network, all in the name of citizen participation. Participants were encouraged to choose from an array of possibilities to fill their day with as many informative and constructive opportunities as they wished.

In Amiens, inventing together the democracy of tomorrow

The main focus that brought everyone together was the one sentence at the heart of the event  «Imaginer ensemble la démocratie de demain».

During the three days of in-person debates on citizen participation, many speakers – coming from different structures – were able to share their ideas, opinions on different topics linked to the main focus, and thus provided an opportunity for all participants to reflect on their own practices, learn and share new and more effective ones and then bring that knowledge home.

Thanks to Morgane’s participation in this event, ALDA is certain that learning about this amazing experience from her will be greatly beneficial to our cause and future plans concerning citizen participation.