Knowledge hub to leverage existing initiatives and projects to foster the adoption for Circular economy in Cities and Regions in Europe.


K-CCRI is a project that was born to enlarge the impact of the existing Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI). Its goal, at large, is to promote and make the concept of “Circular Economy” a tangible reality in Eu cities and regions, particularly for those who are starting to get on this path.

For reaching such an objective, K.CCRI will act as the “Knowledge Hub” of the CCRI, bringing together already existing knowledge and critical mass and fostering an even larger adoption. This, in turn, will be achieved via:

  • Easy-to-access and systematized body of knowledge;
  • Tailored mentoring for city-users;
  • Effective awareness which builds upon public engagement, innovation and technology, business and financial modelling, impact evaluation.

A multidisciplinary journey of 12 partners in 6 European Countries, K-CCRI will rely on complementary skills and competences to give a boost to circular economy in Europe.


  • To bring together relevant knowledge and initiatives fostering circular economy among regions and cities;
  • To build and make accessible and user-friendly material to facilitate learning and exchange of knowledge and best-practices;
  • To bring together a pool of experts (inside and outside the project consortium) and implement a specific programme to provide mentoring and tailored support;
  • To provide capacity-building activities;
  • To develop guidelines and policy recommendations for local and regional authorities;