Launch of the training “Europa Facile”, a joint initiative of ALDA and the Municipality of Thiene (I)

Nov 15, 2012

Good governance

ALDA, in cooperation with the Urban Center O.A.S.I. of the municipality of Thiene, Italy, has announced the launch of the training course “Europa Facile”.
The training will help ordinary citizens, CSOs and Local Authorities to approach the wide world of the European policies and will guide them in finding interesting opportunities for youngsters, adults, citizens in general.

In particular, ALDA will present programmes related to transnational mobility, such as Youth in Action, programmes more oriented to education and vocational training (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci), education for adults (Grundtvig). Then, interesting for all citizens and for local authorities as implementors of policies for active citizenship, ALDA will present the “Europe for Citizens” programme.
Important elements for the European project cycle management will be also provided.
ALDA’s trainers in charge for the course will be Marco Boaria, coordinator of the resource and development unit and Anna Ditta, project development officer.
A press conference to present the initiative was held on the 14th November in the municipality of Thiene, at the presence of the municipal councillor for youth policies, culture and equal opportunities Mrs. Maria Gabriella Strinati, Anna Ditta, project officer of ALDA, Adelina Tadiello and Giuliana Zilio, persons in charge of the Urban Center.
The training course will be free of charge and will be held at the Urban Center of Thiene, It will start the 20th November and will end the 26th March 2013.