LDA Montenegro celebrates its 20th anniversary

May 19, 2021

ALDA is happy to share this great achievement of the Local Democracy Agency Montenegro. Established in Nikšić since 2001, LDA Montenegro has been working with local communities to promote local democracy, human rights, peace-building, economic development, youth participation and facilitate the European Union integration processes.

This is also an excellent opportunity to remind what they have achieved in the last two decades:

  • over 500.000 website visits
  • over 10 000 beneficiaries
  • over 1000 exchanges
  • over 200 partners
  • over 100 volunteers and projects

LDA Montenegro: a successful organisation in the Balkans turning 20 years old

Thanks to the engagement of citizens, volunteers, partners, donors and the support of ALDA, they will continue to develop meaningful actions and partnerships in favour of the local community and the whole region! 

ALDA is pleased to celebrate this great achievement together, while working hand in hand in building a stronger society, in stimulating debates and discussion while encouraging the increase of a democratic reality.

Visit their website and social media to learn more about their work.