LDA Niš at international conference “Green Capital” in Tbilisi, Georgia

Oct 19, 2011

Good governance

Mr Dragan Marinkovic, associate of LDA Niš and Head of Environmental Protection Department of the City of Kragujevac, will take part in the international conference on climate change, “Green capital” in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 20th of October. As a good practice example he will present joint project of LDA Niš and City of Kragujevac, “Waste management: Raise Awareness On Waste Management Through Education And Implementation Of Selective Compilation Of Cardboard And Pet Waste“.
The audience of this conference will be representatives from educational sector: teachers, school authorities, schoolchildren. Also, policy makers from Georgia president office, Parliament, Government and Tbilisi City Mayor office will be present.
Conference is being organised by Lithuanian Youth Centre and supported by Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.