LDA Osijek: young people debated about ACTA

Mar 05, 2012

Youth empowerment & Education

On 28th February Local Democracy Agency of Osijek organized in the premise of the Evangelical Theological Faculty a debate on the current issue of ACTA and piracy on the Internet generally. Debate moderators were Daria Selci, a law student and Dalibor Kraljik, MTh, assistant professor at the Evangelical Theological Seminary.
In an interesting and dynamic two-hour debate, the participants, mostly high school students had the opportunity to get informed and to learn something new about ACTA as well as to express their opinion on this issue. The general position of the ACTA was discussed – its good and bad sides and its eventual applicability in the context of the European Union, but particularly within the Croatian context. A special emphasis was given to the problem of forgery and Internet piracy. Participants had the opportunity to express their opinion about the problem, and to give constructive suggestions on how the problems could be accessed and possibly solved.
This debate was one in a series of activities that LDA performs with young people trying to address and put on the table European agendas and current issues from every day media space, encouraging them to think about them and give them the opportunity to present potential structural solutions.