LDA Tunisia hosts the Multiplier Event, international workshop on environmental good practices

Jul 18, 2023

Environment & climate Linked project:

From 3 to 5 July, 2023, the Local Democracy Agency Tunisia organised at the Continental Hotel in Kairouan, Tunisia, the “Multiplier Event”, an international workshop on environmental good practices.  The event gathered stakeholders coming from different tunisian cities and many international guests were also present: indeed, the focus of the occurrence were two main projects, notably READY (Raise Environmental Awareness for Deprived Youths) and AUTREMENT (Urban and Territorial Planning to Reinvent Mobilities and Engage Tunisian Citizens).

On July 3, 2023, LDA Tunisia warmly welcomed participants who had the opportunity to enjoy an exciting bike ride around the city of Kairouan while exploring its streets and monuments, as well as its incredible architecture. Moreover, the tour was the occasion to learn about Kairouan’s rich historical background as it was guided by a professional historian specialised in tunisian cities’ historical development. 

The day after, following LDA Tunisia Representative Mr. Youssef Nouri‘s welcoming speech, the first online workshop entitled “Effective communication on climate change” took place: led by Ms. Iro Alampei, Education program Representative within the MOI/ECSDE federation in Athens, Greece, the session aimed at providing the audience with concrete tools to raise awareness on climate change issues through a successful communication strategy.  

The event gathered stakeholders, notably youngsters, coming from 8 different countries and it represented a fruitful platform to deepen youth capacity building

Afterwards, the training session on the “Introduction to the localization of the SDGs at the local level” took place within the AUTREMENT project. The training’s objective was to analyse the process of translating the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within the local context and challenges, defining, implementing and monitoring local actions and strategies that contribute to the global achievement of the SDGs.

To conclude the event, the floor was given to ADL Zavidovici Association which explained the READY project to the audience and moderated a panel of young participants that quibbled around sustainable development and climate change challenges.

The event gathered stakeholders, notably youngsters, coming from 8 different countries and represented a fruitful platform for youth to deepen their capacity building while networking: indeed, during the last evening, a cultural event was organised to give participants the opportunity to share with one another music, games and songs and get to know more about different cultures.

LDA Tunisia is deeply grateful to experts that joined the event for the valuable information and insights that were provided and to all the participants for their active interest and engagement throughout the event.

LDA Tunisia thanks also the associations that joined the event, among which ADL Zavidovici (Italy), Right Challenge (Portugal), ALDA, Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) (Turkey), Arc en Ciel, Ain Sefra (Algeria), We Youth (Tunisia) and the Lebanese Development Network (Lebanon) which unfortunately could not take part in our event due to logistic reasons; special thanks also to the partners of LDA Tunisia: Strasbourg Municipality (France), the city of Mahdia and Kairouan (Tunisia) and the whole AUTREMENT project consortium for the constant collaboration and support.