Magical graphic novel to explain the Common Agricultural Policy

Sep 13, 2022

Environment & climate

Within the framework of the CAP-PERI project, a comic with the title “magic guide to foster a sustainable future” was created. The latter is inspired by the project activities and follows Flora and Olmo’s adventure towards a more sustainable future. 

The two teenagers, the main characters of the comic, learn about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and travel to the project partners’ cities – such as Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Mesagne and Palermo – every time they eat a caper. In each city they find out something new about the Policy and the various activities implemented throughout the project.

CAP-PERI comic “Magic guide to foster a sustainable future” is out now!

Thus, the idea behind the comic is to produce a creative and interesting output that shows citizens of all age groups, with a special focus on children and young people, what CAP-PERI is about, which kind of activities were held during the whole period of the project and which environmental, social and economic impact the CAP has. The comic book addresses the CAP; the Green Deal as well as the SDGs strategies; together with the healthy diets in an easy and funny way. 

Read the graphic novel and join Flora and Olmo on their journey through Italy, learning more about the CAP-PERI project!


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