Metropolitan Europeans in Active Network, Inducing Novelties in Governance


The project will be based on building a thematic network of European Metropolitan Cities that will exchange experiences about their management and role in the future of European governance, by focusing on the participation of citizens in these processes. The network will gather Metropolitan Cities with years of experiences with the Metropolis institutions and realities.

The tools of the project will include:

  • Five international events addressing both citizens and policy-makers
  • Participative local activities for citizens to discuss the covered topics
  • A questionnaire for target groups (before and after the events)
  • A website, necessary to facilitate networking among stakeholders
  • A movie and a publication about results achieved


The main objectives of this project are:

  • to establish a network of Metropolitan Cities from different European regions that will focus on the inclusion of citizens in the decision-making project
  • to foster the active participation of citizens in the democratic life of their Metropolitan cities
  • to support the development of good governance at the Metropolitan level
  • to promote a strong sense of European identity in Metropolitan cities
  • to foster inclusion and integration among their inhabitants
  • to improve citizens’ knowledge of European and local institutions
  • to promote citizens’ sense of ownership towards such institutions