#MediterraneanDay to celebrate closeness and diversity

Nov 28, 2021

EU values and Enlargement

The #MediterraneanDay is the initiative specifically dedicated to the celebration the Mediterranean sea. Have you ever thought about how people from Italy, and Spain to Morocco, and Tunisia have all be strictly connected to each other thanks to this common water basin?

The #MediterraneanDay is thus intended to remind people that similarities are stronger that differences. From 2021 and each year onward, on November 28th, several initiatives will be promoted so that to celebrates common achievements, relations while stimulating common understanding.

With more than 250 world heritage sites, rich marine flora and more than 40 languages spoken, the Mediterranean region is the cradle of many cultures, civilisations and history.

#MediterraneanDay to be celebrated each year on 28 of November from 2021 onwards

Yet, one question may come to mind. Why exactly this date?

Let’s take a step backward, untile 1995. That year on November 28th precisely the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU and 12 Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries held the first Euro- Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona signing an agreement to launch the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Process. The idea behind this initiative was to consider and set the Mediterranean region into a common space for peace, stability, security and shared prosperity.

Fifteen year later in November 2020, the Union for the Mediterranean with its 42 Member States declared the 28th of November as the official Day of the Mediterranean. Willing to focus on what unites rather than what divides, the #MediterraneanDay has its first edition, this year, in 2021, and will be celebrated each year onwards.

At the #MediterraneanDay different parties, from NGOs, public administrations or private entities can join and engage in various ways:

  • “Open doors – allow a sneak peek into what you do!”
  • “Promoting culture in many forms”
  •  Debates and workshops
  • “Recognising Mediterranean talent”
  • “Showcase what matters to you”

With enthusiasm ALDA shares this great initiative, having two of its offices in Italy and Tunisia, countries on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, as well as several Local Democracy Agencies. Thus, also at ALDA’s this common sea is what unites colleagues, people and friends of the association. 

Last but not least, for those interested it is also possible to follow the official hashtag #MediterraneanDay and keep updated with news and info.

The #MediterraneanDay is an initiative of Union for the Mediterranean in partnership with: European Union, European Committee of Regions, ARLEM, Anna Lindh Foundation, ENI CBC Med. To read the full list of partners please check: “Partners committed to make the Mediterranean a better place